Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flexo Printing Machine, Machinery, India

The Flexographic printing machine runs up to 80 meters / minute and is suitable for 2, 4, 6, & 8 Colors HDPE / LLDPE / LDPE / PP / BOPP / NON-WOVEN PRINTED ROLL. The programmable AC imported drive driven Flexographic printing machine with sturdy design, allow the optimum speed, stability and easy operations. Elegantly designed, state of the art machine with practically tolerance free format setting ensure reduced film waste. 

As an ace manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Flexographic Printing Machine we have marked our name very strongly in the market. These are used to print a wide number of flexographic media. Personnel tracking is easy with single-sided or double-sided material. Options range from wired and wireless network connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and card durability. We offer these printers at extremely affordable rates and after multiple runs of quality checks.


  • Automatic tension control with load cells at Unwind Stand
  • Torque motor and controller at Rewind Stand
  • Web Guiding System
  • 3 Drive System
  • 5 Drive System
  • Web Video System
  • Ceramic Anilox Roll
  • Doctor Blade Chamber
  • Printing Ink Circulation Pump
  • Air Shaft at Unwind and Rewind Station

Silent Features:

  • Stack Type Flexo printing press for easy operating
  • Main Motor AC with inverter drive
  • High speed with better accuracy
  • Speed, batch size count easily settable with display
  • Perfect registration
  • Reverse Printing Arrangement
  • Uniform impression  

Sr.ModelColorMax. Web Width (mm)Print - RepeatConnected Load KW*
1AIM 500 FP24708329
2AIM 500 FP447083211
3AIM 500 FP647083218
4AIM 500 FP847083220
5AIM 600 FP257083210
6AIM 600 FP457083212
7AIM 600 FP657083219
8AIM 600 FP857083221
9AIM 800 FP267083212
10AIM 800 FP467083214
11AIM 800 FP667083221
12AIM 800 FP867083223
13AIM 1000 FP277083214
14AIM 1000 FP477083216
15AIM 1000 FP677083223
16AIM 1000 FP877083225
17AIM 1300 FP21270103616
18AIM 1300 FP41270103618
19AIM 1300 FP61270103626
20AIM 1650 FP21620103618
21AIM 1650 FP41620103620
22AIM 1650 FP61620103628